Transport of ornithine and citrulline across the mitochondrial membrane.

  title={Transport of ornithine and citrulline across the mitochondrial membrane.},
  author={James G. Gamble and Albert L. Lehninger},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={248 2},
Assay of ornithine transcarbamylase and carbamyl phosphate synthetase I in submitochondrial fractions of rat liver mitochondria shows they are located primarily in the mitochondrial matrix. Therefore during the urea cycle ornithine must pass from the cytoplasm, where it is formed, to the mitochondrial matrix, where it is carbamylated. The resulting citrulline must then pass from the matrix to the cytoplasm before it can be converted to arginine. Osmotic swelling tests show that nonrespiring rat… CONTINUE READING


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