Transport of indirect excitons in high magnetic fields

  title={Transport of indirect excitons in high magnetic fields},
  author={Yuliya Y. Kuznetsova and Chelsey Dorow and E. V. Calman and L V Butov and Joe Wilkes and Kenneth Lee Campman and Arthur C. Gossard},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We present spatially and spectrally resolved photoluminescence measurements of indirect excitons in high magnetic fields. Long indirect exciton lifetimes give the opportunity to measure magnetoexciton transport by optical imaging. Indirect excitons formed from electrons and holes at zeroth Landau levels (0e−0h indirect magnetoexcitons) travel over large distances and form a ring emission pattern around the excitation spot. In contrast, the spatial profiles of 1e−1h and 2e−2h indirect… 

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