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Transport of dust grain particles in the accretion disk

  title={Transport of dust grain particles in the accretion disk},
  author={R Jaros and Miljenko vCemelji'c and Wlodek Klu'zniak and Dejan Vinkovi'c and Cezary Turski},
  journal={arXiv: Solar and Stellar Astrophysics},
Entrainment of dust particles in the flow inside and outside of the proto-planetary disk has implications for the disk evolution and composition of planets. Using quasi-stationary solutions in our star-disk simulations as a background, we add dust particles of different radii in post-processing of the results, using our Python tool DUSTER. The distribution and motion of particles in the disk is followed in the cases with and without the backflow in the disk. We also compare the results with and… 

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