Transport of PCBs with leachate water from contaminated soil.

  title={Transport of PCBs with leachate water from contaminated soil.},
  author={Vedranka Hodak Kobasi{\'c} and Mladen Picer and Nena Picer and Violeta Cali{\'c}},
  volume={73 1 Suppl},
Natural soil contaminated with PCBs was used in this study. The soil was excavated from the area around the damaged capacitor of an electrical transformer station in Zadar (ETS 110/35 kV). A lysimeter experiment was conducted for 17 months under natural climatic conditions and designed to measure the concentration of PCB in the soil and leachates. Our research field was composed of four plots and there were three lysimeters on each plot. After 12 months, a negligible quantity of Aroclor 1248… CONTINUE READING


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