Transport kinetics of maltotriose in strains ofSaccharomyces

  title={Transport kinetics of maltotriose in strains ofSaccharomyces},
  author={Xiaohong Zheng and Tony D'Amore and Inge Russell and Graham G. Stewart},
  journal={Journal of Industrial Microbiology},
Maltotriose transport was studied in two brewer's yeast strains, an ale strain 3001 and a lager strain 3021, using laboratory-synthesized14C-maltotriose. The maltotriose transport systems preferred a lower pH (pH 4.3) to a higher pH (pH 6.6). Two maltotriose transport affinity systems have been indentified. The high affinity system hasK m values of 1.3 mM for strain 3021 and 1.4 mM for strain 3001. The low affinity competitively inhibited by maltose and glucose withK i values of 58 mM and 177… CONTINUE READING