Transport and trafficking: Toxoplasma as a model for Plasmodium.

  title={Transport and trafficking: Toxoplasma as a model for Plasmodium.},
  author={David S. Roos and Michael J. Crawford and Robert G K Donald and Leah M Fohl and Kristin M. Hager and Jessica C. Kissinger and Matthew. Reynolds and Boris Striepen and William J. Sullivan},
  journal={Novartis Foundation symposium},
  pages={176-95; discussion 195-8}
Like Plasmodium, the protozoan parasite Toxoplasma gondii is a member of the phylum Apicomplexa, and an obligate intracellular pathogen. Unlike Plasmodium, however, Toxoplasma is highly amenable to experimental manipulation in the laboratory. The development of molecular transformation protocols for T. gondii has provided both scientific precedent and practical selectable markers for Plasmodium. Beyond the feasibility of molecular biological experimentation now possible in both systems, the… CONTINUE READING