Transport and stability of ascorbic acid in pituitary cultures.


Ascorbic acid uptake in AtT-20 tumor cells and primary cultures of rat anterior and intermediate pituitary was sodium-dependent and showed half-maximal saturation between 9 and 18 microM ascorbate. When incubated in [14C]ascorbic acid at concentrations similar to those in serum (50 microM), all of the cells concentrated ascorbate 20- to 40-fold, producing… (More)


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@article{Cullen1986TransportAS, title={Transport and stability of ascorbic acid in pituitary cultures.}, author={Eilish Cullen and Vannesa Teng Yue May and Betty A Eipper}, journal={Molecular and cellular endocrinology}, year={1986}, volume={48 2-3}, pages={239-50} }