Transport and biodegradation of perchlorate in soils.

  title={Transport and biodegradation of perchlorate in soils.},
  author={Deborah K. Tipton and Dennis E. Rolston and Kate M. Scow},
  journal={Journal of environmental quality},
  volume={32 1},
Perchlorate (ClO4-) contamination of ground water and surface water is a widespread problem, particularly in the western United States. This study examined the effect of biodegradation on perchlorate fate and transport in soils. Solute transport experiments were conducted on two surface soils. Pulses of solution containing perchlorate and Br- were applied to saturated soil columns at steady state water flow. Perchlorate behaved like a nonreactive tracer in Columbia loam (coarse-loamy, mixed… CONTINUE READING

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