Transport and Mechanical Property Evaluation for Cu Stabilized PLD-${\hbox{GdBa}}_{2}{\hbox{Cu}}_{3}{\hbox{O}}_{\rm y}$ Coated Conductor

  title={Transport and Mechanical Property Evaluation for Cu Stabilized PLD-\$\{\hbox\{GdBa\}\}_\{2\}\{\hbox\{Cu\}\}_\{3\}\{\hbox\{O\}\}_\{\rm y\}\$ Coated Conductor},
  author={Gen Nishijima and Hitoshi Kitaguchi},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity},
Transport properties and mechanical properties were investigated for a Cu stabilized PLD-GdBa2Cu3Oy (GdBCO) coated conductor. The conductor consists of a 100- thick Hastelloy substrate, buffer layers, a 1.5- thick superconducting layer, and a 100- thick copper stabilizer. Critical currents were measured up to 600 A in magnetic fields (parallel and perpendicular to the conductor surface) up to 12 T and in temperatures ranging from 4.2 to 85 K. Temperature dependence of -value was also evaluated… CONTINUE READING