Transponder architecture supporting multi-wavelength source

  title={Transponder architecture supporting multi-wavelength source},
  author={Nicola Sambo and Valeria Vercesi and Muhammad Imran and Piero Castoldi and Antonio D'Errico and Claudio Porzi and Filippo Cugini and Antonella Bogoni and Luca Pot{\`i}},
  journal={2014 International Conference on Optical Network Design and Modeling},
Multi-flow transponder in elastic optical networks has been recently proposed as a flexible class of transponder that is able to generate multiple optical flows. Multi-flow transponders may support slice-ability, i.e. flows can be flexibly associated to the incoming traffic requests and they can be directed toward different destinations. Alternatively, flows can be co-routed. Transponders supporting slice-ability are also called sliceable bandwidth variable transponders (SBVT). Typically, in… CONTINUE READING