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Transparent hardware synthesis of Java for predictable large-scale distributed systems

  title={Transparent hardware synthesis of Java for predictable large-scale distributed systems},
  author={Ian Gray and Yu Chan and Jamie Garside and Neil C. Audsley and Andy J. Wellings},
The JUNIPER project is developing a framework for the construction of large-scale distributed systems in which execution time bounds can be guaranteed. Part of this work involves the automatic implementation of input Java code on FPGAs, both for speed and predictability. An important focus of this work is to make the use of FPGAs transparent though runtime co-design and partial reconfiguration. Initial results show that the use of Java does not hamper hardware generation, and provides tight… Expand
A Framework for Supporting Real-Time Applications on Dynamic Reconfigurable FPGAs
This paper proposes a framework for supporting the development of safety-critical real-time systems that exploit hardware accelerators developed through FPGAs with dynamic partial reconfiguration capabilities and has been practically validated on the Zynq platform, showing that it can actually be supported by state-of-the-art technologies. Expand


Realtime garbage collection in the JamaicaVM 3.0
The recent improvements of the JamaicaVM garbage collector include support for automatic heap expansion; reduction of the memory overhead for garbage collector internal structures; and significant performance optimisation such as a faster write-barrier and a sweep phase that does not need to touch the objects and therefore reduces the number of cache misses caused during sweep. Expand
On the Locality of Java 8 Streams in Real-Time Big Data Applications
It is argued that there are no built-in parallel stream sources that can efficiently operate on very large datasets and take data locality into account and JUNIPER introduces architecture-aware stream sources which are suitable for Big Data systems and which preserve locality of data. Expand
Architecture-Awareness for Real-Time Big Data Systems
JUNIPER is an EU-funded project which assists Big Data developers to create architecture-aware software in a way that is suitable for the target domain, and provides higher performance, portability, and real-time guarantees. Expand