Transparent Digital Rights Management System with Superdistribution


Digital rights management allows content providers to control the distribution and usage of digital contents for their e-commerce applications. Most of previously proposed digital rights management mechanisms focus on the protection mechanisms for digital contents and pay less attention to the discussion on business models and users’ convenience. It will decrease effective distribution for digital contents and the intentions of users’ usage. With the super distribution model, we first propose a digital rights management system that increases distribution channels to increase the efficiency of distribution for digital contents. Then, we implement the proposed digital rights management system by using the API Hook with Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) as a wrapper. The implemented digital rights management system can achieve content protection without sacrificing user’s convenience. In addition, the proposed digital rights management system satisfies the following requirements: description, identification, transaction, protection, monitoring, tracing, super distribution, transparency, and portability.

DOI: 10.1109/BWCCA.2010.110

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