Transoral partial supraglottic resection using the CO2 laser.

  title={Transoral partial supraglottic resection using the CO2 laser.},
  author={Ronald K Davis and Stanley M Shapshay and M. Stuart Strong and Vincent J. Hyams},
  journal={The Laryngoscope},
  volume={93 4},
Transoral epiglottis resection or partial supraglottic resection was done with the CO2 laser in 20 highly selected patients. Visualization was best accomplished using the Lynch suspension system, but was satisfactory with the Jako-Pilling laryngoscope. The best indications for this procedure were: 1. for visualization of the true vocal cords in previously treated cancer patients whose epiglottis obstructed indirect mirror examination, 2. for removal of obstructing benign epiglottic lesions, 3… CONTINUE READING