Transonic flow of a fluid with positive and negative nonlinearity through a nozzle

  title={Transonic flow of a fluid with positive and negative nonlinearity through a nozzle},
  author={Devi Chandrasekar and Phoolan Prasad},
  journal={Physics of Fluids},
The one‐dimensional transonic flow of an inviscid fluid, which at large values of the specific heats exhibits both positive (Γ>0) and negative (Γ<0) nonlinearity regions {Γ=(1/ρ)[∂(ρa)/∂ρ]s} and which remains in a single phase, is studied. By assuming that Γ changes its sign in the small neighborhood of the throat of the nozzle where transonic flow exists and introducing a new scaling of the independent variables, an approximate first‐order partial differential equation (PDE) with a nonconvex… 

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