Transonic aerodynamic loads modeling of X-31 aircraft

  title={Transonic aerodynamic loads modeling of X-31 aircraft},
  author={Mirhamidreza Ghoreyshi and Martiqua L. Post and Russell M. Cummings and Andrea Da Ronch and Kenneth J. Badcock},
The generation of reduced order models for computing the unsteady and nonlinear aerodynamic loads on the X-31 aircraft from pitching motions in the transonic speed range is described. The models considered are based on Duhamel’s superposition integral using indicial (step) response functions, Volterra theory using nonlinear kernels, Radial Basis functions, and a surrogate-based recurrence framework, both using time-history simulations of a training maneuver(s). One of the biggest challenges in… CONTINUE READING


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