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Transnational migration research

  title={Transnational migration research},
  author={Derya Ozkul},
This article introduces transnationalism as distinct from globalization and diaspora. It first explores transnationalism research from a historical perspective. The next section reviews some of the critiques of transnationalism with regard to its extent, its novelty and theoretical strength. Later it elaborates on transnationalism in a network society, and suggests how the exploration of transnationalism has contributed to social enquiry. Finally it assesses the literature and discusses the… Expand
Theorising Transnational Migration in Our Times:
Abstract As the world rapidly becomes a different place for migrants and non-migrants alike, this article asks whether transnational migration scholars have an adequate conceptual toolkit to addressExpand
Saliences and silences about conjunctural dynamics : the initial transnational migration framework
* E-mail: Abstract As the world rapidly becomes a different place for migrants and non-migrants alike, this article asks whether transnational migration scholars have an adequateExpand
Understanding Migration: The Case for Public Administration
ABSTRACT Migration has emerged as a key issue for governments in the 21st century. While multiple disciplines address migration, the study of public administration has been slow to do so. Given theExpand
Migratory Realities: The Interplay of Landscapes in the Guyanese Emigrant’s Reality in Jan Lowe Shinebourne’s The Godmother and Other Stories
Guyana’s high rate of migration has resulted in a sizeable Guyanese diaspora that continues to negotiate the connection with its homeland. Jan Lowe Shinebourne’s The Godmother and Other Stories opensExpand
Giving back to society: evidence from African sports migrants
Abstract This article examines the effects of African migrant players’ ‘giving back’ behaviour by analyzing the various socioeconomic projects that they invest in, in their communities of origin. TheExpand
An investigation into the dynamics of transnational citizenship among Zimbabwean migrants in Potchefstroom
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Immigrant Women's Mental Health in Canada in the Antenatal and Postpartum Period
  • Desire Urindwanayo
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The Canadian journal of nursing research = Revue canadienne de recherche en sciences infirmieres
  • 2018
This article aims to undertake a narrative review of the literature on immigrant women's mental health in Canada during antenatal and postpartum care by employing the transnational theory as a theoretical framework. Expand
How does professional football status challenge African players’ behaviour?
ABSTRACT Football has become a lucrative business with its global viewership attracting many African players to move to leagues abroad. This paper explores the sociological approaches of Weber andExpand


Transnationalism in Question1
This article seeks to critically engage the new literature on immigrant transnationalism. Connectivity between source and destination points is an inherent aspect of migrations, but migrationExpand
Towards a Transnational Perspective on Migration: Race, Class, Ethnicity, and Nationalism Reconsidered
This is a collection of papers prepared for a workshop on developing a transnational perspective on migration with the focus on migration to the United States. "Immigrants are understood to beExpand
Conceptualizing Simultaneity: A Transnational Social Field Perspective on Society 1
This article explores the social theory and consequent methodology that underpins studies of transnational migration. First, we propose a social field approach to the study of migration andExpand
Transnational social fields and imperialism
Transnational Studies have allowed scholars to move beyond a methodological nationalism that conflates society and the nation-state. Yet rather than addressing globe-spanning systems of power,Expand
Mapping Dominican transnationalism: narrow and broad transnational practices
This article maps the structure for understanding the Dominican transnational field. By transnational field we refer to a web of linkages that affects the lives of Dominicans in their places ofExpand
The limits to 'transnationalism': Bosnian and Eritrean refugees in Europe as emerging transnational communities
This article explores limitations on the concept of transnationalism, through examination of two empirical case studies of communities characterized by emerging transnational practices. MirroringExpand
Transnational urbanism revisited
This article revisits the research optic proposed in Transnational Urbanism to take stock of the field. Social relations ‘from the middle’ are conceived in two distinct ways in the field.Expand
Transnational Migration Studies: Past Developments and Future Trends
AbstractThe past two decades have witnessed a sea change in migration scholarship. Most scholars now recognize that many contemporary migrants and their predecessors maintain various kinds of ties toExpand
The New Transnational Activism
Part 1. Structure, Process and Actors: 1. Introduction 2. Complex internationalism 3. Rooted cosmopolitans and transnational activists Part II. The Global in the Local: 4. Global framing 5.Expand
Methodological Nationalism, the Social Sciences, and the Study of Migration: An Essay in Historical Epistemology 1
The article examines methodological nationalism, a conceptual tendency that was central to the development of the social sciences and undermined more than a century of migration studies.Expand