Transnational Organized Crime in West Africa: The Additional Challenge

  title={Transnational Organized Crime in West Africa: The Additional Challenge},
  author={Andrea Mazzitelli},
  journal={Political Economy: Development eJournal},
Despite its vast natural and human resources and the undisputed progress made in the last decade towards the establishment of democratic culture and governing systems, West African countries continue to occupy the bottom ranks of the UN Human Development Index. Similarly, many of them score poorly in World Bank and Transparency International indexes that measure good governance. The international mass media have recently highlighted the role played by the West African region in the… Expand
Over the decades, transnational organized crime has posed a major obstacle for African nations. They have been saddled with human trafficking, corruption, drug trafficking, illicit arms, moneyExpand
Narcotics Trafficking in West Africa: A Governance Challenge
West Africa is one of the most impoverished, underdeveloped, and instabilityprone regions in the world. Many of the nation-states in the region are empirically weak: they lack the capacity to deliverExpand
The challenges of transnational human trafficking in West Africa
A major challenge to good governance, transnational trafficking in human beings has been a serious problem for years in West Africa. Attempts to understand the phenomenon have then been initiated,Expand
The Challenge of Drug Trafficking to Democratic Governance and Human Security in West Africa
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Key Security Challenges of the Third World
While shaping an impression of the Third World from post-colonial, non-aligned to less developed states today, security concerns over the region, more or less, remained a status quo in a handful ofExpand
African transnational threat to Turkey
Africa has emerged as a strategic location for transcontinental narcotics trade. Particularly the West African subcontinent has turned into a cocaine warehousing and trans-shipment hub along the wayExpand
Cyber-Crimes and the Boundaries of Domestic Legal Responses: Case for an Inclusionary Framework for Africa
  • D. Olowu
  • Computer Science, Sociology
  • J. Inf. Law Technol.
  • 2009
This paper draws on the experiences and existing frameworks of other world regions as much as necessary to tackle the problems arising out of efforts at formulating appropriate legal responses to cyber-crime in the African region. Expand
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Transnational organized crime in the West African region
  • 2005
ii The designations employed and the presentation of the material in this publication do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Secretariat of the United NationsExpand
West Africa's Security Challenges: Building Peace in a Troubled Region
West Africa's Security Challenges: Building Peace in a Troubled Region: Edited by Adekeye Adebajo and Ismail Rashld. Boulder CoIo.: Lynne Rienner, 2004. Pp. xviii, 448; bibliography, index, map.Expand
Economic Incentives, Natural Resources and Conflict in Africa
This paper reviews how rebel leaders motivate followers to fight in wars in Sub-Saharan Africa. Almost all rebel leaders do use economic incentives, but they also avail themselves of other strategiesExpand
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