Transmutation Effects observed with Heavy Hydrogen

  title={Transmutation Effects observed with Heavy Hydrogen},
  author={Mark L. Oliphant and Paul Harteck and Rutherford},
WE have been making some experiments in which diplons have been used to bombard preparations such as ammonium chloride (NH4Cl), ammonium sulphate ((NH4)2SO4) and orthophosphoric acid (H3PO4), in which the hydrogen has been displaced in large part by diplogen. When these D compounds are bombarded by an intense beam of protons, no large differences are observed between them and the ordinary hydrogen compounds. When, however, the ions of heavy hydrogen are used, there is an enormous emission of… Expand
Accelerator mass spectrometry: a remarkable week in May 1977
Abstract During a week in May 1977, solutions were found to the forty-year old problem of radiocarbon dating using mass spectrometry, as well as for the generalized mass spectrometry of measuring theExpand
Mass spectrometry with accelerators.
Tandem Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, or AMS, has now made possible the accurate radiocarbon dating of milligram-sized carbon samples by ion counting as well as dating and tracing with many other long-lived radioactive isotopes such as (10)Be, (26)Al, (36)Cl, and (129)I. Expand
Radiochemical Comparisons on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions and Uranium
The discovery of nuclear fission by Otto Hahn and Friedrich Strassmann was based on a very rare microanalytical result that provided the first realization that neutrons could fission uranium.Expand
Chemical and other aspects of Rutherford’s nuclear atom
  • H. Kragh
  • Materials Science
  • Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand
  • 2020
ABSTRACT The pioneering works of E. Rutherford related to radioactivity and nuclear science were contributions to physics, but they also had important implications for chemistry. Thus, in his earlyExpand
Metal Nanoparticles for Hydrogen Isotope Exchange
Since the mid-1990s Hydrogen Isotope Exchange (HIE), consisting in the direct exchange of protium with its isotopes, has witnessed an enormous development (Atzrodt et al. in Angew Chem Int Ed,Expand
Tritium in the Environment
Publisher Summary This chapter focuses on the possibility of tritium being concentrated in the food chain or an organism of interest. While it cannot be ruled out in unusual circumstances, as mostExpand
Calorimetry of the palladium-deuterium-heavy water system
Abstract It is shown that accurate values of the rates of enthalpy generation in the electrolysis of light and heavy water can be obtained from measurements in simple, single compartment Dewar typeExpand
Concerning the detection of neutrons and γ-rays from cells containing palladium cathodes polarized in heavy water
SummaryIt is shown that neutrons generated in «cold fusion» cells can be detected following thermalization by means of high-resolution spectroscopy of the γ-rays generated by the (n, γ) reaction inExpand
Electromagnetic properties of edge turbulence in fusion plasma devices
This thesis work consists of three pillars. First, the isotope dependence of long-range correlation (due to, e.g. zonal flow and GAMs) has been studied in the TJ-II stellarator and ISTTOK tokamakExpand
Radioactive Techniques: The Use of Labeled Drugs
Hevesy (1923) opened broad new vistas of research when he reported the first use of radioactive substances in biological research — a study of the absorption and translocation of lead in plants. TenExpand