Transmit processing in MIMO wireless systems

  title={Transmit processing in MIMO wireless systems},
  author={J. A. Nossek and Michael Joham and Wolfgang Utschick},
  journal={Proceedings of the IEEE 6th Circuits and Systems Symposium on Emerging Technologies: Frontiers of Mobile and Wireless Communication (IEEE Cat. No.04EX710)},
By restricting the receive filter to be scalar, we derive the optimizations for linear transmit processing from the respective joint optimizations of transmit and receive filters. We can identify three filter types similar to receive processing: the transmit matched filter (TxMF), the transmit zero-forcing filter (TxZF), and the transmit Wiener filter (TxWF). The TxWF has similar convergence properties as the receive Wiener filter, i.e. it converges to the matched filter and the zero-forcing… CONTINUE READING
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