Transmission spectroscopy with VLT FORS2: a featureless spectrum for the low-density transiting exoplanet WASP-88b

  title={Transmission spectroscopy with VLT FORS2: a featureless spectrum for the low-density transiting exoplanet WASP-88b},
  author={P. Spyratos and Nikolay Nikolov and John Southworth and Savvas Constantinou and Nikku Madhusudhan and Aarynn L. Carter and Ernst J. W. de Mooij and Jonathan J. Fortney and Neale P. Gibson and Jayesh M. Goyal and Ch. Helling and Nathan J. Mayne and Thomas Mikal-Evans},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
We present ground-based optical transmission spectroscopy of the low-density hot Jupiter WASP-88b covering the wavelength range 4413 − 8333 Å with the FORS2 spectrograph on the Very Large Telescope. The FORS2 white light curves exhibit a significant time-correlated noise which we model using a Gaussian Process and remove as a wavelength-independent component from the spectroscopic light curves. We analyse complementary photometric observations from the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite… 

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