Transmission risk of Dirofilariosis in Portugal

  title={Transmission risk of Dirofilariosis in Portugal},
  author={AM Alho and Telmo P Nunes and Laura Rinaldi and Jos{\'e} Meireles and Silvana Maria Duarte Belo and Peter Deplazes and Lu{\'i}s Manuel Madeira de Carvalho},
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Dirofilariosis is an important and potential fatal vectorborne canine disease, endemic in Portugal as well as in other Mediterranean countries, particularly due to its geographic and climatic conditions. Despite improved diagnostic methods and effective preventives, infections of Dirofilaria spp. continue to increase. Forty-one species of mosquitoes have been detected in mainland Portugal although only Culex theileri was found naturally infected with Dirofilaria larvae. Therefore, a study was… CONTINUE READING