Transmission over multiple component carriers in LTE-A uplink

  title={Transmission over multiple component carriers in LTE-A uplink},
  author={Gilberto Berardinelli and Troels B. S\orensen and Preben E. Mogensen and Kari Pajukoski},
  journal={IEEE Wireless Communications},
Long Term Evolution - Advanced systems are currently being standardized by 3GPP and aim at very high peak data rates of 1 Gb/s in the downlink and 500 Mb/s in the uplink. Those ambitious targets can only be achieved by using advanced MIMO antenna techniques as well as wide spectrum allocation, up to 100 MHz. A multiple component carrier structure has been agreed on in the 3GPP Work Item as a solution to extend the 18 MHz bandwidth of the previous LTE Release 8 up to 100 MHz. The multiple access… CONTINUE READING
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