Transmission of scrapie by steel-surface-bound prions.

  title={Transmission of scrapie by steel-surface-bound prions.},
  author={Eckhard Flechsig and Ivan Hegyi and Masato Enari and Patr{\'i}cia Schwarz and John Collinge and Charles Weissmann},
  journal={Molecular medicine},
  volume={7 10},
BACKGROUND Prions are unusually resistant to conventional disinfection procedures. An electrode used intracerebrally on a Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) patient transmitted the disease to two patients in succession and finally to a chimpanzee, despite attempted disinfection. Concerns that surgical instruments may transmit variant CJD have been raised by the finding of PrP(Sc), a surrogate marker for infectivity, in various tissues other than brain. MATERIALS AND METHODS Stainless steel wire… CONTINUE READING

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