Transmission of potato virus Y by cereal aphids

  title={Transmission of potato virus Y by cereal aphids},
  author={Nikolaos I. Katis and Richard William Gibson},
  journal={Potato Research},
The cereal aphidRhopalosiphum padi transmitted PVYO and PVYN from and to both tobacco and potato. However, it transmitted much less frequently thanMyzus persicae, even when aphids making single probes were compared.R. padi andM. persicae retained PVY for a similar duration. Both alatae and apterae ofR. padi transmitted infrequently, as also did progenies of individual aphids that had transmitted PVY.Metopolophium dirhodum also transmitted PVY infequently butSitobion avenae did not transmit. In… CONTINUE READING
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