Transmission of Crimean-congo Hemorrhagic Fever

  title={Transmission of Crimean-congo Hemorrhagic Fever},
  author={Yera and RJ.}
IMJ~,'Un~O.4ov r4Mea0-Cong3 "emcr'rhagic 4ever (CýCHF) virus was alnte 'rom i Pected adu~t HybI~onma ticks to La-tctd1rval anid ri-hsi H~aLorna tizkis .. ihile c.ofeeoing :-r a guinea pig bost Pi~at d~d not have a detect ~b~e viremia.Wher zez-te, after feed~i-a with irifected aduLts, chree(D.8")6of ý7O H. irkxcaturm Larvde;; ccntai :nea detect6a'~e CCHF viru-s (mean virus ti~iIter 1C .6pLaque-for-nira -nit:,-1.:FU/-i ko The vii-Ls was trztnsm-itted t~ansstadiaLLY frcminfýcted iarvae and ,as… CONTINUE READING