Transmission as Transformation: The Translation Movements in the Medieval East and West in a Comparative Perspective

  title={Transmission as Transformation: The Translation Movements in the Medieval East and West in a Comparative Perspective},
  author={Mohammed Abattouy and J{\"u}rgen Renn and Paul Weinig},
  journal={Science in Context},
  pages={1 - 12}
The articles collected in this volume have their origin in an international workshop dedicated to “Experience and Knowledge Structures in Arabic and Latin Sciences.” Specialists from Great Britain, France, Denmark, Spain, Morocco, the United States, and Germany gathered in Berlin in 1996 in the context of an interdisciplinary research project on the history of mechanical thinking at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. The workshop initiated a process of discussion focused on… 
Between Orient and Occident: Transformation of Knowledge
Early investigations of transmission of scientific knowledge involving the Islamic world and Europe mainly concentrated on the places where such transmission took place, on the translation movements
Cosmopolitan Radicalism
Exploring the intersections of visual culture, design and politics in Beirut from the late 1950s to the mid-1970s, this compelling interdisciplinary study critically examines a global conjuncture in
Periphery reassessed: Eugenios Voulgaris converses with Isaac Newton
Abstract In the last three decades many historians of science have sought to account for the emergence of modern science and technology in sites that did not participate in the shaping of apparently
The first translation of the Koran in the West was undertaken in the 11th century. At the bequest of Peter the Venerable, the task was given to Robert de Ketton. And it was following this major event
The Visual Economy of “Precious Books”
Shedding light on the postcolonial Arabic book, this article expands the literary and art historical fields of inquiry by bringing into play the translocal design and visual economy of modern art
Between doubts and certainties: on the place of history of science in Islamic societies within the field of history of science
I discuss my long-term observation that history of science in Islamic societies is marginalized within the general history of science community as well as in the academic world of Islamic studies,
Strategies of Defending Astrology: A Continuing Tradition
Astrology is a science which has had an uncertain status throughout its history, from its beginnings in Greco-Roman Antiquity to the medieval Islamic world and Christian Europe which led to frequent
The Expansion of Experiential Spaces Over History
Besides the reflection on representations of existing spatial knowledge, the expansion of spaces of experience is a motor for conceptual development, whether these are the geographical spaces known
The Arabic Transformation of Mechanics: The Birth of the Science of Weights
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On the Conceptualization of Force in Johannes Kepler’s Corpus: An Interplay Between Physics/Mathematics and Metaphysics
In this chapter, we present the concept of force in Kepler. We follow the development of this concept during Kepler’s scientific career, starting from his early considerations in the Mysterium


Greek Thought, Arabic Culture: The Graeco-Arabic Translation Movement in Baghdad and Early 'Abbāsid Society (2nd-4th/8th-10th Centuries)
From the middle of the eighth century to the tenth century, almost all non-literary and non-historical secular Greek books, including such diverse topics as astrology, alchemy, physics, botany and
The Translating Activity in Medieval Spain
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    The Legacy of Muslim Spain
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Algebra.” In Encyclopedia of the History of Arabic Science. Edited by Roshdi Rashed with the collaboration of Régis Morelon
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