Transmembrane channels based on tartaric acid-gramicidin A hybrids.

  title={Transmembrane channels based on tartaric acid-gramicidin A hybrids.},
  author={Charles J Stankovic and Stefan H. Heinemann and Jos{\'e} Mar{\'i}a Delfino and Fred J. Sigworth and Stuart L. Schreiber},
  volume={244 4906},
The gramicidin A transmembrane channel is believed to consist of two head-to-head beta helices. Computer-generated models were used to formulate the structure of new single-chain channel molecules based on the gramicidin motif. The chemical synthesis of two tartaric acid-gramicidin A hybrids and single-channel analyses of their conducting properties are reported. These studies illustrate the rational design and synthesis of long-lived channels with tunable conductance properties and provide… CONTINUE READING

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