Translocation of uranium from water to foodstuff while cooking.

  title={Translocation of uranium from water to foodstuff while cooking.},
  author={K C Krishnapriya and Ananya Baksi and Swathi Chaudhari and Soujit Sen Gupta and Thalappil Pradeep},
  journal={Journal of hazardous materials},
The present work report the unusual uranium uptake by foodstuff, especially those rich in carbohydrates like rice when they are cooked in water, contaminated with uranium. The major staple diet in South Asia, rice, was chosen to study its interaction with UO2(2+), the active uranium species in water, using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Highest uptake limit was checked by cooking rice at very high uranium concentration and it was found to be good scavenger of uranium. To gain… CONTINUE READING