Translocation and dissemination of commensal bacteria in post-stroke infection

  title={Translocation and dissemination of commensal bacteria in post-stroke infection},
  author={Dragana Stanley and Linda J. Mason and Kate E. Mackin and Yogitha N. Srikhanta and Dena Lyras and M Velayutham Dass Prakash and Kulmira Nurgali and Andres Caceres Venegas and Michael D Hill and Robert J Moore and Connie H Y Wong},
  journal={Nature Medicine},
Bacterial infection is highly prevalent in patients who have had a stroke. Despite the potential contribution of micro-aspiration in post-stroke pneumonia, we found that the majority of the microorganisms detected in the patients who developed infections after having a stroke were common commensal bacteria that normally reside in the intestinal tracts. In a mouse model of ischemic stroke, post-stroke infection was only observed in mice that were born and raised in specific-pathogen-free… CONTINUE READING
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