Translocation (5;10)(q13;q26) in acute monoblastic leukemia.

  title={Translocation (5;10)(q13;q26) in acute monoblastic leukemia.},
  author={Francesco Pernice and Caterina Musolino and Giuseppa Mazza and Domenico Puglisi and Nicola Frisina and Giovanni Squadrito},
  journal={Cancer genetics and cytogenetics},
  volume={101 2},
We report a case of acute monoblastic leukemia [French-American-British (FAB) M5a] observed in a 38-year-old man and associated at diagnosis with a t(5;10)(q13;q26) found in cells from a bone marrow culture. The patient survived only 2 months after diagnosis. t(5;10) as a solitary chromosome abnormality has not been previously reported in M5a, and, in the case that we describe, it appears to be correlated with a poor prognosis. 

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