Translation of the glenohumeral joint with the patient under anesthesia.

  title={Translation of the glenohumeral joint with the patient under anesthesia.},
  author={Richard J. Hawkins and J P Schutte and David H Janda and G H Huckell},
  journal={Journal of shoulder and elbow surgery},
  volume={5 4},
This study was undertaken to determine glenohumeral translation in the anesthetized patient. Radiographically assessed humeral translation was measured in 18 members of a control group, 10 patients with anterior instability, and 10 patients with multidirectional instability. In the control group stress radiographs revealed anterior translation of 17% (percentage of the diameter of the glenoid from anterior to posterior), posterior of 26%, and inferior to 29% (percentage of diameter of glenoid… CONTINUE READING

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