Translation initiation of viral mRNAs.

  title={Translation initiation of viral mRNAs.},
  author={Marcelo L{\'o}pez-Lastra and Pablo Ramdohr and Alejandro J Letelier and Maricarmen Vallejos and Jorge Vera-Otarola and Fernando Valiente-Echeverr{\'i}a},
  journal={Reviews in medical virology},
  volume={20 3},
Viruses depend on cells for their replication but have evolved mechanisms to achieve this in an efficient and, in some instances, a cell-type-specific manner. The expression of viral proteins is frequently subject to translational control. The dominant target of such control is the initiation step of protein synthesis. Indeed, during the early stages of infection, viral mRNAs must compete with their host counterparts for the protein synthetic machinery, especially for the limited pool of… CONTINUE READING

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