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Translation in foreign language teaching and testing

  title={Translation in foreign language teaching and testing},
  author={C. Titford and A. E. Hieke},
Students reflections on pedagogical translation in Spanish as a foreign language
The use of the L1 and translation in foreign language teaching (FLT) has been widely analysed in recent decades. However, little attention has been paid to student’s beliefs on the use of translationExpand
Where Translation Studies lost the plot: Relations with language teaching
Recent interest in the role of translation in language teaching calls for dialogue between the disciplines of Translation Studies and Language Education. In framing this dialogue, translationExpand
The Role of Translation in Foreign-Language Teaching
Teachers all over the world teach a foreign-language using some specific methods and techniques prescribed by these methods along with the activities developed accordingly. Likewise, learners allExpand
Second Language Pedagogy and Translation: The Role Of Learners' Own-Language and Explicit Instruction Revisited
Translation has been a core of controversies on whether it can be a valid and effective instrument in second language (L2) teaching. This work advocates the movement that tries to restore translationExpand
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Some of the ways through which the teacher of English can positively intervene in the process of L2 writing acquisition are explored. Expand
The use of reverse subtitling as an online collaborative language learning tool
The main conclusion is that writing and general translation skills can be fostered by the use of reverse subtitling within an online, collaborative learning framework. Expand
Translation in University Foreign-Language Curricula: An Analysis of Teachers’ Attitudes, with Reference to Vocational and Transferability Criteria
L'estudi se centra en l'ensenyament de la traduccio en els plans d'estudi de llengues estrangeres a la universitat. Despres de considerar la reavaluacio academica recent d'aquesta eina d'ensenyamentExpand
Global Technical Communication and Content Management: A Study of Multilingual Quality
La importancia del papel del revisor: una propuesta metodológica para el desarrollo de la competencia traductora
According to certain authors such as Silvia Parra (2005: 370), the translation assignment can be defined as the set of instructions −both explicit or implicit− guiding not only the translator’s butExpand