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Translation and rotation of a spherical particle in a turbulent boundary layer

  title={Translation and rotation of a spherical particle in a turbulent boundary layer},
  author={Yi Hui Tee and Diogo C. Barros and Ellen K. Longmire University of Minnesota and Usa},
  journal={arXiv: Fluid Dynamics},
Three-dimensional particle tracking experiments were conducted in a turbulent boundary layer with friction Reynolds number $Re_\tau$ of 700 and 1300. Two finite size spheres with specific gravities of 1.003 (P1) and 1.050 (P2) and diameters of 60 and 120 wall units were released individually from rest on a smooth wall. The spheres were marked with dots all over the surface to monitor their translation and rotation via high-speed stereoscopic imaging. The spheres accelerated strongly after… 

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Motion of finite-size spheres released in a turbulent boundary layer


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