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Translation and Film: Slang, Dialects,Accents and Multiple Languages

  title={Translation and Film: Slang, Dialects,Accents and Multiple Languages},
  author={Allison M. Rittmayer},
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A Study of Dialect Films Subtitle Translation Strategies Guided by the Theory of Functional Equivalence — Taking the Dialect Film "A Cool Fish" as an Example

  • Bing Xiong
  • Art
    Journal of Higher Education Research
  • 2022
Subtitle translation is a field of translation where the subtitles of films or TV series are translated simultaneously. With the development of China's film and television industry and the inflow of

Dubbing Othering and Belonging: The Latinx Voice As the Self in One Day at a Time

Netflix’s 2017 reboot of the sitcom One Day at a Time centres on a Latinx family, whose dialogue, featuring English and Spanish, portrays an authentic Latinx culture on television. This article

A tradução da linguagem drag em RuPaul’s Drag Race: um estudo sobre representação através de legendas

Desde 2009, o reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race vem disseminando a cultura e a linguagem drag dos Estados Unidos. Essa cultura e linguagem sao disseminadas nao apenas nos Estados Unidos, mas em