Translating Relational Queries into Spreadsheets

  title={Translating Relational Queries into Spreadsheets},
  author={Jacek Sroka and Adrian Panasiuk and Krzysztof Stencel and Jerzy Tyszkiewicz},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering},
Spreadsheets are among the most commonly used applications for data management and analysis. [...] Key Method We provide a query compiler, which translates any given SQL query into a worksheet of the same semantics, including NULL values. Thereby, database operations become available to the users who do not want to migrate to a database. They can define their queries using a high-level language and then get their execution plans in a plain vanilla spreadsheet. The functions available in spreadsheets impose…Expand
An application of database query translation into spreadsheets
  • M. V. Sadaphule, N. Shaikh
  • Computer Science
  • 2016 International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, and Optimization Techniques (ICEEOT)
  • 2016
An automated tool to store the data and translate it into spreadsheet system easily and imposes techniques which overcomes the limitations of Database system by spreadsheets for effective Data Modeling Applications is proposed. Expand
Object spreadsheets: a new computational model for end-user development of data-centric web applications
A quest to rethink the spreadsheet model is reported on, which supports not only conventional flat tables, but also nested variable-size lists and object references and has been implemented in a tool intended for the development of data-centric web applications. Expand
Initial report on Object Spreadsheets
Object Spreadsheets is presented, an end-user development tool that combines a spreadsheet interface with a rich data model to help the process administrators build the logic for such applications themselves. Expand
The Power of Spreadsheet Computations
A direct correspondence between the dimensions of the spreadsheet and amount of hardware and time used by a parallel computer to compute the same function is proved. Expand
Object Spreadsheets : an end-user development tool for web applications backed by entity-relationship data
Object Spreadsheets is presented, an end-user development tool that combines a spreadsheet interface with a rich data model to help the process administrators build the logic for such applications themselves. Expand
Spreadsheet as a Multi-platform Mobile Application
This work reports on the case study of creating a mobile tool for archaeologists working in the field: a specialized spreadsheet for managing stratigraphic information, which passed satisfactorily a test of six weeks of regular excavations. Expand
Microtools Based on the Relational Data Model – Conformity between Foreign and Primary Keys
This article addresses the problem of conformity between values of foreign keys in child entities and values of primary keys in parent entities by proposing solutions that make use of standard spreadsheet features and components, without involving any additional code created in any programming language. Expand
Spreadsheet as a Means to Support Working Time Scheduling - Data Integrity in a Spreadsheet Tool
The article addresses a selection of solutions proposed and applied in a tool supporting a process in which the working time of maintenance department employees is scheduled. Expand
Fields of Logic and Computation III: Essays Dedicated to Yuri Gurevich on the Occasion of His 80th Birthday
An after-dinner speech for Yuri Gurevich’s 80th birthday, where he shared the not always easy experience of geographic, cultural and scientific migration and sketches a few stations of their interlacing paths. Expand
Programming Communication with the User in Multiplatform Spreadsheet Applications
A spreadsheet user in this situation needs a multiplatform spreadsheet, one which will work equally well on all types of devices, depending on the situation. Expand


Spreadsheet as a relational database engine
This paper demonstrates that a spreadsheet can play the role of a relational database engine, without any use of macros or built-in programming languages, merely by utilizing spreadsheet formulas. Expand
Query By Excel
This work proposes to automatically translate Excel computation into SQL, known as Query by Excel, QBX in short, so that an analyst can import the data from a relational system, define computation over it using familiar Excel formulas and then translate and store it as a relational SQL view over the imported data. Expand
Business Modelling Using SQL Spreadsheets
This demo presents a scalable, mathematically rigorous, and performant SQL extensions for Relational Business Modeling, called the SQL Spreadsheet, and presents a new class of query optimizations applicable to SQL spreadsheet. Expand
Spreadsheets in RDBMS for OLAP
This paper presents SQL extensions involving array based calculations for complex modeling, and presents optimizations, access structures and execution models for processing them efficiently. Expand
A Spreadsheet Algebra for a Direct Data Manipulation Query Interface
  • B. Liu, H. Jagadish
  • Computer Science
  • 2009 IEEE 25th International Conference on Data Engineering
  • 2009
A new spreadsheet algebra is designed that operates on recursively grouped multi-sets, contains a selectively designed set of operators capable of expressing at least all single-block SQL queries and can be intuitively implemented in a spreadsheet and enables query modification by the notion of modifiable query state. Expand
Type inference for spreadsheets
A type system and a type inference algorithm are introduced and it is demonstrated how this algorithm and the underlying typing concept can identify programming errors in spreadsheets. Expand
Finding high-level structures in spreadsheet programs
An approach to help maintainers understand the structure of large spreadsheets as well as to zoom into certain parts of the spreadsheet to cope with large sheets is introduced. Expand
Forms/3: A first-order visual language to explore the boundaries of the spreadsheet paradigm
This paper shows that procedural abstraction, data abstraction and graphics output can be supported in the spreadsheet paradigm, and shows that, with the addition of a simple model of time, animated output and GUI I/O also become viable. Expand
Database System Implementation
Database System Implementation focuses on the implementation of database systems, including storage structures, query processing, and transaction management, and provides extensive coverage of query processing. Expand
Real spreadsheets for real programmers
  • Alan G. Yoder, D. Cohn
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of 1994 IEEE International Conference on Computer Languages (ICCL'94)
  • 1994
This work defines a spreadsheet mini-language, then uses it to program solutions to some well-known problems, concluding that correctly constructed spreadsheet languages can offer both intuition and access to parallel computational resources to their users. Expand