Translating Golden Age Plays: A Reconsideration

  title={Translating Golden Age Plays: A Reconsideration},
  author={Kenneth B. Muir},
  journal={Translation and Literature 1},
  • Kenneth B. Muir
  • Published 30 July 2019
  • Linguistics
  • Translation and Literature 1
During the past ten years I have made four attempts to discuss the problems involved in translating Calderon's plays and a fifth attempt can be justified only by a shift in my opinions.1 Inevitably one's views alter. They are modified by correspondence and conversations with one's collaborators, by the comments of reviewers and of other translators, by translating for the first time two tragedies, which demand other skills, and, whenever possible, by what one learns from rehearsal and… 
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Introduction Ann L. Mackenzie, Scholar and Editor
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