Translating Erlang to /spl mu/CRL

  title={Translating Erlang to /spl mu/CRL},
  author={Thomas Arts and C. B. Earle and J.J.S. Penas},
  journal={Proceedings. Fourth International Conference on Application of Concurrency to System Design, 2004. ACSD 2004.},
The language Erlang has been developed by Ericsson to implement large switching systems. Erlang is nowadays used by several companies for complex embedded systems. The language /spl mu/CRL is a process algebra with data. Several verification tools are available for /spl mu/CRL and other process algebras, including a tool to create labelled transition systems from /spl mu/CRL specifications. By having a translation from Erlang to /spl mu/CRL we can apply the verification tools for process… CONTINUE READING
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