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Transitionless quantum annealing in a dissipative environment

  title={Transitionless quantum annealing in a dissipative environment},
  author={Gianluca Passarelli and Rosario Fazio and Procolo Lucignano},
Suppressing unwanted transitions out of the instantaneous ground state is a major challenge in unitary adiabatic quantum computation. A recent approach consists in building counterdiabatic potentials approximated using variational strategies. In this Letter, we extend this variational approach to Lindbladian dynamics, having as a goal the suppression of diabatic transitions between pairs of Jordan blocks in quantum annealing. We show that, surprisingly, unitary counterdiabatic ansätze are… Expand
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If the evolution is unitary, the resulting Lindbladian supermatrix is diagonalizable (1DJF) and the eigenvalues are = − , where are the Bohr frequencies of the system
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      We compute this adiabatic indicator in the density matrix representation