Transition to second-generation HgCdTe FPA

  title={Transition to second-generation HgCdTe FPA},
  author={Yehuda Juravel and Avi Strum and Amos Fenigstein and Eliezer Weiss and Nili Mainzer and Nira Sapir and I. Lokomski and Eyal Malkinson and Baruch Rosner and A. Marcus and H. Shenzer and Abraham A. Fraenkel},
  booktitle={Defense, Security, and Sensing},
The transition to second generation backside-illuminated dense LWIR FPAs requires consideration of issues not previously relevant in first generation modules: unlike in front illuminated arrays, the MTF (or effective area) of a pixel is no longer close to the ideal sinc function. The cutoff wavelength, quantum efficiency and crosstalk depend on the thickness and composition grading of the epitaxial layer. The tradeoff between resolution and sensitivity demands extensive engineering and… CONTINUE READING