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Transition to diversification by competition for resources in catalytic reaction networks

  title={Transition to diversification by competition for resources in catalytic reaction networks},
  author={Atsushi Kamimura and Kunihiko Kaneko},
  journal={arXiv: Cell Behavior},
All life, including cells and artificial protocells, must integrate diverse molecules into a single unit in order to reproduce. Despite expected pressure to evolve a simple system with the fastest replication speed, the mechanism by which the use of the great variety of components, and the coexistence of diverse cell-types with different compositions are achieved is as yet unknown. Here we show that coexistence of such diverse compositions and cell-types is the result of competitions for a… 
Compartmentalization and Cell Division through Molecular Discreteness and Crowding in a Catalytic Reaction Network
The reproduction of a localized cluster is demonstrated, that is, a protocell with a growth-division process emerges when the replication and degradation speeds of one species are respectively slower than those of the other species, because of overcrowding of molecules as a natural outcome of the replication.
Exponential growth for self-reproduction in a catalytic reaction network: relevance of a minority molecular species and crowdedness
This study emphasizes that the minority molecular species in a catalytic reaction network is necessary for exponential growth at the primitive stage of life.


Origins of Life
This addresswas presented by Freeman J. Dyson as the NishinaMemorial Lecture at the University of Tokyo, on October 17, 1984, and at Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, on October 23, 1984.
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