Transition tensions: mapping conflicts in movements for a just and sustainable transition

  title={Transition tensions: mapping conflicts in movements for a just and sustainable transition},
  author={David Ciplet and Jill Lindsey Harrison},
  journal={Environmental Politics},
  pages={435 - 456}
ABSTRACT The concept of a ‘just transition’ positions justice concerns of workers, front-line communities, and other marginalized groups at the center of sustainability efforts. However, related scholarship has largely neglected conflicts that arise between sustainability and justice goals. A framework is developed to identify three main tensions that planners and activists may encounter in efforts to advance a just transition. First, the ‘sustainability-inclusivity’ tension involves conflicts… 
Transition coalitions: toward a theory of transformative just transitions
  • D. Ciplet
  • Political Science
    Environmental Sociology
  • 2022
ABSTRACT From its origins in the labor and environmental justice movements in the United States, the concept of a just transition has travelled globally as a frame to infuse concerns of justice in
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