Transition metal-catalyzed ketone-directed or mediated C-H functionalization.

  title={Transition metal-catalyzed ketone-directed or mediated C-H functionalization.},
  author={Zhongxing Huang and Hee Nam Lim and Fanyang Mo and Michael C Young and Guangbin Dong},
  journal={Chemical Society reviews},
  volume={44 21},
Transition metal-catalyzed C-H functionalization has evolved into a prominent and indispensable tool in organic synthesis. While nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur-based functional groups (FGs) are widely employed as effective directing groups (DGs) to control the site-selectivity of C-H activation, the use of common FGs (e.g. ketone, alcohol and amine) as DGs has been continuously pursued. Ketones are an especially attractive choice of DGs and substrates due to their prevalence in various… CONTINUE READING