Transition from infant- to adult-like gut microbiota.

  title={Transition from infant- to adult-like gut microbiota.},
  author={Ekaterina Avershina and Krister Lundg{\aa}rd and Monika Sekelja and Christian Kvikne Dotterud and Ola Storr\o and Torbj\orn \Oien and Roar Johnsen and Knut Rudi},
  journal={Environmental microbiology},
  volume={18 7},
Transition from an infant to an adult associated gut microbiota with age through establishment of strict anaerobic bacteria remains one of the key unresolved questions in gut microbial ecology. Here a comprehensive comparative analysis of stool microbiota in a large cohort of mothers and their children sampled longitudinally up until 2 years of age using… CONTINUE READING
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