• Economics
  • Published 1997

Transition 8 (1)

  title={Transition 8 (1)},
  author={Johannes F. Linn and Steve H. Hanke and Adam Koronowski and Paul Marer and Vincent A. Mabert and Jiř{\'i} Ve{\vc}ern{\'i}k and Scott S. Thomas and Louise I. Shelley},
FSU firms keep on providing social services. The price tag of Russia's organized crime. New currency boards come to the Balkans. Bulgaria in crisis. Vox populi -what do people in Central and Eastern Europe think of their reforms? Foreign investment brings a clash of cultures -the story of GE Lighting Tungsram. The headaches managing Poland's exchange rate policy. Domestic consumption drives economic growth in Poland. The World Bank streamlines its strategy for transition economies: interview… CONTINUE READING