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Transition/Transformation: Exploring Alternative Excavation Practices to Transform Student Learning and Development in the Field.

  title={Transition/Transformation: Exploring Alternative Excavation Practices to Transform Student Learning and Development in the Field.},
  author={Hannah Cobb and Transformation Exploring Alternative Excavation Practices To Tran Learning and Philip Richardson},

Las "excavaciones de verano": forjando superarqueólogos fácilmente precarizables

Las “excavaciones de verano” tienen gran importancia en la formacion arqueologica. En el estado espanol, los planes de estudio universitarios estan focalizados hacia los aspectos teoricos,

The Pedagogic Value of Field Schools: Some Frameworks

The form and content of archaeological field schools can vary greatly, but with the increased professionalisation of both field archaeology and university teaching, far more sophisticated planning is

Field Schools, Transferable Skills and Enhancing Employability

During the summer months of 2004 and 2005, the archaeology team of the History, Classics and Archaeology Subject Centre (Higher Education Academy (HEA)) carried out the most comprehensive survey of



Post-processualism, professionalization and archaeological methodologies. Towards reflective and radical practice

In recent years the gap between archaeological theory and practice has been closing, but although there have been calls for ‘reflexivity’, there has been little critical examination of its meanings.

Archaeology and modernity

This is the first book-length study to explore the relationship between archaeology and modern thought, showing how philosophical ideas that developed in the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries still

From Cairn to Cemetery : An archaeological investigation of the chambered cairns and early Bronze Age mortuary deposits at Cairnderry and Bargrennan White Cairn, south-west Scotland

This volume presents the methodology and results for the excavations at Cairnderry and Bargrennan, south-west Scotland. A comparative chapter compares the excavation results from both sites, and

The Struggle Within

  • Y. Hu
  • Political Science
  • 2009

Archaeology and Capitalism: From Ethics to Politics

The editors and contributors to this volume focus on the inherent political nature of archaeology and its impact on the practice of the discipline. Pointing to the discipline's history of advancing