Transing and Transpassing across Sex-Gender Walls in Iran

  title={Transing and Transpassing across Sex-Gender Walls in Iran},
  author={A. Najmabadi},
  journal={WSQ: Women's Studies Quarterly},
  pages={23 - 42}
  • A. Najmabadi
  • Published 2008
  • Political Science
  • WSQ: Women's Studies Quarterly
Something happened in 2003-4: transsexuals and transsexuality in Iran suddenly became a hot media topic, both in Iran and internationally. The medical practice of sex change by means of surgery and hormones dates to at least the early 1970s in Iran; for nearly three decades the topic had received occasional coverage in the Iranian press, including a series of reports (presumably based on real lives) published in a popular magazine, Rah-i zindigi (Path of Life), beginning in 1999.1 Iranian press… Expand
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