Transient quantum isolation and critical behavior in the magnetization dynamics of half-metallic manganites

  title={Transient quantum isolation and critical behavior in the magnetization dynamics of half-metallic manganites},
  author={Tommaso Pincelli and Riccardo Cucini and Adriano Verna and Francesco Borgatti and M. Oura and K. Tamasaku and H. Osawa and T.-L. Lee and Christoph Schlueter and Sebastian G{\"u}nther and Christian H. Back and Martina Dell’Angela and R Ciprian and Pasquale Orgiani and A. Petrov and Fausto Sirotti and Valentin Alek Dediu and Ilaria Bergenti and Patrizio Graziosi and Fabio Miletto Granozio and Y. Tanaka and Munetaka Taguchi and Hiroshi Daimon and Jun Fujii and Giovannibattista Rossi and Giancarlo Panaccione},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We combine time resolved pump-probe Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect and Photoelectron Spectroscopy experiments supported by theoretical analysis to determine the relaxation dynamics of delocalized electrons in half-metallic ferromagnetic manganite $La_{1-x}Sr_{x}MnO_{3}$. We observe that the half-metallic character of $La_{1-x}Sr_{x}MnO_{3}$ determines the timescale of both the electronic phase transition and the quenching of magnetization, revealing a quantum isolation of the spin system in double… Expand
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