Transient obscuration event captured in NGC 3227. II. Warm absorbers and obscuration events in archival XMM-Newton and NuSTAR observations

  title={Transient obscuration event captured in NGC 3227. II. Warm absorbers and obscuration events in archival XMM-Newton and NuSTAR observations},
  author={Yijun Wang and Jelle S. Kaastra and M. Mehdipour and Junjie Mao and E. Costantini and Gerard A. Kriss and Ciro Pinto and Gabriele Ponti and Ehud Behar and Stefano Bianchi and Graziella Branduardi‐Raymont and Barbara De Marco and S. Grafton-Waters and P.-O. Petrucci and J. Ebrero and Dominic J. Walton and Shai Kaspi and Yongquan Xue and St{\'e}phane Paltani and Laura di Gesu and Zhicheng He},
  journal={Astronomy \& Astrophysics},
  • Yijun Wang, J. Kaastra, +18 authors Zhicheng He
  • Published 15 October 2021
  • Physics
  • Astronomy & Astrophysics
The relation between warm absorber (WA) outflows of AGN and nuclear obscuration activities caused by optically-thick clouds (obscurers) crossing the line of sight is still unclear. NGC 3227 is a suitable target to study the properties of both WAs and obscurers, because it matches the following selection criteria: WAs in both ultraviolet (UV) and X-rays, suitably variable, bright in UV and X-rays, good archival spectra for comparing with the obscured spectra. To investigate WAs and obscurers of… 
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Transient obscuration event captured in NGC 3227
From Swift monitoring of a sample of active galactic nuclei (AGN) we found a transient X-ray obscuration event in Seyfert-1 galaxy NGC 3227, and thus triggered our joint XMM-Newton, NuSTAR, and


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