Transient nature of CO2 fertilization in Arctic tundra

  title={Transient nature of CO2 fertilization in Arctic tundra},
  author={Walter C. Oechel and Sid Cowles and Nancy E. Grulke and Steven J. Hastings and Bill Healy-Duane Lawrence and Tom Prudhomme and George H. Riechers and Boyd R. Strain and David T Tissue and George L. Vourlitis},
THERE has been much debate about the effect of increased atmospheric CO2 concentrations on plant net primary production1,3 and on net ecosystem CO2 flux3–10. Apparently conflicting experimental findings could be the result of differences in genetic potential11–15 and resource availability16–20, different experimental conditions21–24 and the fact that many studies have focused on individual components of the system2,21,25–27 rather than the whole ecosystem. Here we present results of an in situ… CONTINUE READING

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